Why Should I Hire A Close Up Or Roving Magician?

7 Reasons to Hire a Close Up Roving magician that you may not have thought of

1. Roving Magicians Create Atmosphere And Buzz And Get The Party Started

As a magician moves around the room performing spectacular tricks for small groups of guests the magician is also creating atmosphere and buzz and exciting your guests. They will get guests talking and interacting and leave them amazed.

Magician Sydney Wedding Magic

Magician Sydney | Liam Power roving close up magic for a corporate event

2. Roving Magic Is The Perfect Icebreaker

Have you ever been to an event where guests are sticking to themselves and no one is mingling? Roving magic is the perfect cure. Close up magic brings people together to watch some magic and leaves them connected and engaged

3. Roving Magic Works In Loud, Noisy Rooms

Loud spaces can be tricky places to have entertainment. Because magic is such a visual form of entertainment it works even if you can barely hear the person next to you.

4. Magic Happens Right Under The Audience’s Noses

Sometimes when you see a magician on a big stage there is a feeling that if you were closer you’d “figure the trick out”. Roving magic is so impressive because it happens right under your nose. There is nowhere for the magician to hide anything which means the magic so so much more impressive for your guests.

Roving Close Up Magic - Magician Sydney - Liam Power Sydney Magician performing roving close up magic at a corporate event

Roving Close Up Magic - Magician Sydney - Liam Power Sydney Magician performing roving close up magic at a corporate event

5. Can Be Varied To Suit Different Ages

Entertainment can be difficult when you have adults and kids in the audience. Close up roving magic is perfect. A magician is able to tailor his performance from group to group to ensure all your guests get to see magic that they will find spectacular 

6. Roving Magic Is Perfect To Kill Dead Time At Events

Nothing is worse for an event than dead time. Your guests can get bored and lose focus. Magic is the perfect cure. A roving magician can effortlessly fill gaps in proceedings and then melt away like magic when the formalities resume

7. Roving Magic works in a wide variety of events

Close Up Roving magic works in a wide variety of events including, corporate events, weddings, birthdays, networking events, almost anywhere you have people gathered.

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