Reality Or Magic

The Show – “Reality Or Magic”

Reality Or Magic is a magic show as it should be; fun, amazing and full of contemporary magic. 

Reality Or Magic is a magic show designed for touring & festivals 

It runs for 60 minutes

Can be set up in 2 hours (including soundcheck)

Only requires 1 “tech” person

Has broad appeal with both kids and adults loving the show

Can play for groups as small as 60 up to 1000


Liam Power is a magician based in Sydney with over 20 years performing experience. He’s performed internationally as well as all over Australia in every state and territory. Liam has performed on live TV and even performed magic live on radio. His festival appearances include Woodford Folk Festival, Falls Festival, The Lost Lands, WA Circus Festival, Adelaide Fringe, Bello Winter Music Festival and many many more.  

Sydney Magician Liam Power Stage promo

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Places Where Reality Or Magic Has Played

  • Woodford Folk Festival
  • Falls Festival
  • Sydney Fringe Festival
  • WA Circus Festival
  • The Lost Lands festival
  • The “Kazador”
  • Bello Winter Music Festival
  • KISS arts festival
  • Plus many more small regional venues and festivals

Ticketed performances that sold out

  • The Kazador, Kiama
  • Orange Winter Fire Festival
  • Sydney Fringe Festival
  • Humpty Doo Tavern
  • Darwin Hilton

Contact :

[email protected] | +61 (0) 410718844

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