Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Liam based?
Liam is based in Sydney, Australia.

Does Liam travel?
Absolutely. Liam regularly travels Australia and the seven seas performing his show. He has also performed in more than ten countries.

Is Liam any good?
We think so but don’t take our word for it, take a look at his showreel or check out one of the many testimonials and reviews around the website. Or why not pop along to one of Liam’s public shows and check him out for yourself.

Where can I see Liam perform?
Although most of Liam’s performances are at corporate events, Weddings or private parties he also performs many public shows. The best way to find out about Liam’s public shows are to join the mailing list or check out the what’s on page

What type of events does Liam perform at?
Liam performs at a wide variety of events. Liam regularly performs at corporate events, cocktail parties, award nights, team building exercises, golf days, birthdays, product launches, opening parties, as a guest entertainer on cruise ships and can even perform a show virtually. Liam does not perform kids parties.

What is the best type of performance for my event?
If you haven’t already check out the performance options page. If your event is a cocktail style event with guests walking around chatting and drinking, then roving close up magic is probably best. This style of performance involves Liam moving around your event performing close up magic for small groups. If your event has guests seated in front of a stage or a focal point then a stand up/stage show could be a better option. If you have less than 30 people at your event Liam can perform a close up show. A close up show involves the tricks that Liam would normally perform while doing roving close up magic performed for everybody at once. Often a combination of roving and stand up works the best. If you’re unsure which performance is best for your event, Liam can help you decide.

How long does Liam’s show go for?
Liam’s stand up/stage shows can go for as short as 10 minutes or up to an hour. For roving close up magic Liam can perform for a maximum of 100 people in an hour although 60-70 people an hour allows your guests to experience a bit more magic. If you have a short event but a lot of people (for example 200 people but only one hour) Liam can arrange a second magician to make sure all your guests get to see some magic.

Can Liam incorporate my company’s product or message into his performance?
Absolutely. Liam regularly customises his performances to incorporate a company’s message, slogan, product or mascot. The more notice you give Liam, the better.

Is Liam insured?
question. Yes, Liam holds public liability insurance.

How many people can Liam perform for?
Liam has performed for groups as small as 2 and as large as 1000.

How far in advance do I have to book?
The sooner the better. Liam’s calendar fills up quickly, especially Friday and Saturday nights.

How can I secure a booking?
Get in touch today and we can go through everything, it’s easy

How do I pay Liam?
The best way to pay Liam is through a EFT. Liam also accepts payment by Paypal, credit card cheque or cash.

Does Liam use an assistant or do any corny tricks involving girls and boxes?
No and no.

Is Power really Liam’s surname or is it some corny stage name?
Power just happens to be his surname, convenient huh

Magician Sydney - Liam Power, Sydney Magician card fan promo photo