Why Close Up Magic Is Perfect For Networking Events

Corporate networking events are important for almost all businesses. They provide an opportunity for employees and clients to connect and interact in a relaxed, social setting and build connections to grow your business. These events can be challenging to plan, they need to be engaging, interactive, and memorable for the guests. Incorporating entertainment is a great way to achieve this. One of the most unique and engaging forms of entertainment is close up magic. In this post, explore why close up magic is perfect for networking events.

Magician Sydney Liam Power Wedding Magic

Having a magician performing close up magic at your networking event ensures your guests will interact, socialise and connect with each other as well as provide a conversation starter. Close up magic is performed right in front of the audience, which means that guests are actively involved and engaged in the performance. This makes it the perfect icebreaker and ensure your guests feel more relaxed, which can be especially beneficial for guests who may not know each other.

Another benefit of having close-up magic for a networking event is that it provides a memorable and unique experience for the guests. Close-up magic is a highly interactive and personalised form of entertainment, which means that guests will be able to see the magic happening right in front of them. This ensures the event is more memorable and special which can encourage guests to talk about the event long after it’s over.

Close-up magic can also be used to add a bespoke element to your event. With prior notice the magic can incorporate a product, marketing slogan or logo. What a great way to show off your company or product. A magician can also be used to entertain guests during the down time, such as during cocktail hour or while guests are waiting for the event to start.

When it comes to choosing a magician for your networking event, it’s important to consider their professional experience. Liam Power is a Sydney Based magician who has over 20 years performing experience. He’s performed all over the world has appeared live on national tv and consistently receives incredible feedback from even the most discerning clients. If you have a networking event get in touch to see how Liam can help

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