What is the process of hiring a magician?

What is the process of hiring a magician?

Unless you are a professional event planner, you probably haven’t hired a magician before, so what’s the process? There generally isn’t a one size all process but below are some general guidelines to hiring a magician.

1. When hiring a magician the first step is to find the right one. You should be looking at their past reviews and testimonials, videos and how they are to communicate with, are they easy to get along with? 

2. Tell the magician or their agent as many details about your event as possible, details should include, date of your event, time of your event, what type of event you’ll be having, will there be a sit down meal, will there be a stage, who is the audience, what is the aim of the event? All these details will help the magician to provide a bespoke offering which will elevate your event and make hiring the magician easy and smooth. Different options might be proposed for a corporate event than to a wedding or a private event or a festival. If they offer a generic package there is a good chance you’ll get a generic performance.

3. Get a quote and options for different performance types. Depending on your event you could choose roving or close up magic, a stage show, a close up show, a Magic MC or even a workshop. Sometimes there is only one suitable performance option but often there are 2 or even 3 and a good magician should walk you through each option explaining the pros and cons and requirements of each option. You can also discuss the option of custom magic to show off a product or message 

4. Book in the magician. Once you’ve decided on the type of performance you’d like it’s time to book in. Different performers will have different contracts or booking requirements. Most magicians will have a booking contract of some type normally with payment terms, cancellation conditions etc. Sometimes there is a 50% deposit, sometimes no deposit and sometimes 100% payment up front. If that seems strange just remember when you buy plane tickets or concert tickets you pay in full up front, it can be the same when booking in a magician.

5. After you’ve hired a magician they will likely communicate with you several times in the lead up to the event, confirming the details like tech requirements, sound check times, confirming introduction with the MC etc.

Roving Close Up Magic - Magician Sydney - Liam Power Sydney Magician performing roving close up magic at a corporate event