Team Building 

Sydney corporate magician Liam Power - Magic Classes
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Looking for a, unique and practical team building idea, why not a Magic Workshop? A magic work shop not only gets people working together but improves their presentation & communication skills. They also use a great mix of intellectual and physical skills and every person leaves with some amazing party tricks to impress their friends.

Liam's magic workshops normally go for 90 minuets, so you'll go from full on muggle to wizard in no time 

Participants will,

Work in groups, helping each other accomplish magic tricks

Present magic tricks to your co workers improving you presentation skills

Gain confidence in front of a crowd

Learn how to "read peoples mind"

learn how to find a card from a shuffled deck

And much much more!

Sydney Magician Liam Power magic workshop

Liam has been teaching his magic work shops since 2013 at Work-Shop in Sydney as well as for many companies and has never had a student that couldn't learn the tricks. 
If you want to enquire about dates or would like some more info then make sure to get in touch today