A Muggle goes To Hogwarts at the Lauriton RSL

A Muggle Goes To Hogwarts has sold out performances at Sydney Fringe Festival, Anywhere Theatre Festival & at every venue it's played. It's now appearing at the Laurieton RSL for 1 night only. 

Liam Power is a Magician not a Wizard yet somehow he found him self in Hogworts. How does a muggle with no magic blood fit into a school for Wizards. He learns magic the old fashioned way with sleight of hand and misdirection.

A Muggle Goes To Hogwarts is a magic show with no actual magic just mind blowing slight of hand and muggle tricks. If you want to see the closest thing to magic without an actual Wizard (which lets face it aren't allowed to perform to muggles) then this is it.

Sydney City Limits Festival

Liam will be appearing at City Limits Festival. Performing close up magic and blowing minds. https://www.sydneycitylimits.com/