Wedding Magic

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Your wedding is one of the best days of your life. The last thing you want is to worry about entertainment.
Liam Power is one of Australia’s most sought after Magicians and Entertainers. He creates mind blowing, fun and exciting magic performances, that will create lasting memories of your wedding.
As one of Sydney’s busiest magicians Liam performs not only all over Australia but all over the world, not just at weddings but also on luxury cruise ships, corporate events, product launches, private events and festivals. With thousands of performances under his belt he knows what it takes to put on a fantastic show and make your wedding exceptional.

During a wedding there are 3 periods when a magician is perfect.

After the ceremony – When you’re off getting photos and your guests are waiting around with nothing to do. Close up magic is perfect for this, it creates excitement and energy. It brings groups of your guests together and most importantly keeps your guests thoroughly entertained while you’re off attending to formalities

performoptionsOnce everyone is seated – Liam can move from table to table performing close up before the main or between courses. This keeps energy in the room high and keeps your guests entertained during a slower period

Before or after speeches, on stage – Liam takes to the stage and can perform for groups as small as 30 or as large as 1000 or more. His stage shows are always fast paced, funny and amazing.

Key Points

  • Liam is based in Sydney but travels world wide
  • Liam has over 14 years experience performing magic so you can expect a fantastic show
  • Quotes are all inclusive, no hidden cost
  • Magic is a great way to bring groups together and keep your guests entertained while you’re off getting photos etc.

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